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Step up To The Baseline With Federer-Esque Confidence And Conquer Your Fear of Double-Faulting By Mastering The ATP Serve in 7 Science Backed  Steps

Yes! Transform My Serve Now.

Hey everyone, Daytri here, 

I’ve got a surprise for you. More about that in a second. 

Right now I want you to cast your mind back to the last time you worked on your serve. 

What did that look like? 

Some shadow swings…

maybe a few quick hits before you played sets with a partner…

...or maybe you tried implementing some tips from a video you watched.

Whatever it was: If it was anything less than a proven system backed by the science of ATP serves, that aimed to diagnose, fix, and transform your serve in a ‘not-boring’ and ‘cookie-cutter’ way...

...using only the most advanced coaching methods

You’re likely doing your serve, your progress, and your tennis longevity a HUGE disservice (pun intended).

I probably don’t have to tell you…

But your serve is the cornerstone of your tennis game.

It’s the only shot that theoretically, is all in your hands and you’ll play without your opponent’s influence. 

And if you master it: You’ll be hitting consistent, clean, powerful serves, exactly where you want them to go.  

All in a natural, fluid, and comfortable way. 

Look we’ve all had it at some point. 

Where you hit a shot so beautifully, you could instantly feel the ball hit the sweet spot and it felt just right. 

You watch as it leaves your racquet strings, and fires across the court with maximum power and precision. 

Yet, it felt effortless

But what separates a 3.0 rookie from the 5.0+ big league players, is the consistency in which those shots happen

And your serve is no different.

In fact, a great serve is the most important shot you can be improving right now if you want to maximize your potential on the court.

  • It can set you up beautifully for a big forehand. 
  • It can be your weapon of choice to control your opponents so that you can mercilessly attack their backhand. 
  • It allows you to take command of what you’re gonna do and never go into a match where you don't have a game plan.
  • It gives you the opportunity to hit any spot and do anything on the court that you want to.
  • It’s the easiest way to take your game to the next level and stay there whether you’re trying to reach the 4.0, 5.0, or even ITF level.
  • And it can have you stepping up to the line in unwavering, unshakeable confidence - ready to dominate the game. 

In short: In a match, the serve is BIG.

Just ask Rafael Nadal’s long-term coach. He’s recently gone on record saying that Rafa needed to ‘fix his second serve to stay competitive’. 

Or maybe ask Pete Sampras. 

A former world #1. 

The first man to win 14 Grand Slam titles. 

And deservedly feared for his serving prowess. 

But after double-faulting up 3-2 in the third-set tie break, he went on to lose to Richard Krajicek in the 1998 Eurocard Open. 

After the contest, Sampras said: 

"You kind of live and die by the serve."

In other words: Your serve is your ultimate tennis survival skill. 

So, what does your serve say about you? 

Is it obvious that your serve is an afterthought?


Look, if your serve isn’t currently at the level it needs to be...

This isn’t necessarily a problem with you.

You see, externally, there are so many factors that can hinder our progress. 

...you know, who you’re practicing with…

What instruction you’re using...

...where you’re able to play  and how you’re approaching your practice. 

These are all important elements to consider when you’re looking to fix your serve. 

Here’s what I mean…

Whenever you’re trying to improve a skill - there’s a gap between theory and practice. 

It’s created through LTI - otherwise known as a Learning Transfer Issue. 

When you start learning anything new, your brain resists the new change and overcoming your learned behavior takes huge amounts of effort. 

So how does this relate to your tennis game? 

While we can explain what we’re supposed to do - actually applying it becomes a different story. 

It’s like getting an A+ in theory but a D- in practice. 

Or if you’ve ever found that you can shadow swing a technique perfectly but... 

As soon as the ball is in the air, you’re overwhelmed because you need to coordinate 7 different things while getting the ball in a tiny box.

Or you can serve hard and consistently in practice but in competitive situations, your serve abandons you and that’s when things go awry.

At that point, this inevitably leads us to revert back to our old serving technique, where we can at least get a predictable result.  

Even if it’s not at the speed, standard or quality we want. 

Even worse…

We can focus so much on improving one aspect of our serve that we find ourselves in ‘no man’s land’...

Where we actually forget what the previous problem that we already fixed was and end up making the same mistakes over and over again. 

Like you’re playing a frustrating game of wacamole against your bad habits.

Which means slow progress, poor development, and staying stuck at the same playing level for years. 

Ultimately, this leads you down a deep rabbit hole...

You start over-thinking things on-court and you’re focused on one stroke instead of playing tennis.

And you start playing worse in competitive situations because you’ve got so much noise in your head.

Look, no experienced player wants to perform like a beginner.  

You want authority and confidence in your game. 

You don’t want to look like you’ve just walked onto the court for the first time in your life!

By now, you know that your serve is the most important shot you can focus on if you want to upgrade your playing level. 

But you also know that simply applying fragmented information you’ve acquired from articles, videos…

...outdated coaching methods, and playing partners…

Isn’t going to give you the results you need or want. 

It doesn’t optimize your learning curve. 

It fails to bridge the gap between visualizing the serve you want to execute…

...to unlocking that relaxed, effortless, and whip-like action on the real court.  

So either you overcome your Learning Transfer Issues now…

...or be stuck on the same perpetual cycle. 

Ingraining bad habits

Experiencing long periods of poor performance.

And further developing a fear of change.

As some of you may know from our previous courses, all of us, Dayday, Grant, and I (Daytri) experienced the same problem several years ago.

We were full-time tennis players, training for 8 hours a day…

And don’t get me wrong, we were playing a mean game. But we were like early Novak…

Everything else in our game was great… but whenever it came to the serve, we would throw in 20 double faults in a match.

We didn’t lack the work ethic.

For months, no matter how much we trained and how many hours we put in - we just weren't making the progress we needed to.

The needle just wasn’t moving. We hit a plateau.

And our overall tennis development slowed down to a snail’s pace - the serve was sucking all our attention in practice and in match-play.

This led to frustration, arm injuries, and as embarrassing as it is to admit… arguing with our coaches, finally deciding we needed to make a change. 

And that's when we decided to accept nothing but the best instructions.

This meant dropping our coaches and learning only from the best players and mentors in the world.

And finally, it took us deep into the biomechanics of tennis.

We’ve studied and broken down the modern biomechanics of the best ATP players. 

The Science of World-Class Serve Technique

Yes - I’ve gone deep into *science* of the best players in the world. 

We’ve trained with top-notch coaches such as Ricci Macci. 

And that’s when our progress started to skyrocket. 

I easily added 20-30 MPH to my serve, my consistency doubled, I stopped having to worry about double faulting, and the best part?

It took about a fifth of the time.

Since then, we’ve transformed hundreds of thousands of fellow players through the same system.

We’ve doven into the cutting-edge science of top ATP players. 

We’ve used it to train ourselves to an elite level. 

We’ve used it with hundreds of others.

We’ve made developing a confident serve into a science.

And with your permission, that's what I'd LOVE to show you how to do...


… the ultimate organized, step-by-step, video-based program you can implement today to transform your serve.

From a rigid, unnatural, clunky motion…

to a crisp, federer-esque standard where you’ll ace your fear of double-faulting in as little as 2-4 months.

Look, we’re not promising any quick-fixes or magical method.

If you’re reading this, you don’t lack the work ethic or motivation to reach the next level.

You just want to know that you’re making the best possible use of the time that you have with tennis.

… developing sustainable results, building a rock-solid foundation based on the highest level coaching, and having a long-term vision of your game.

But we also understand the allure that “instant-fixes” might hold...

Tennis can only take up so much time because there’s family and work that need to be balanced.

And when you’re on-court, it’s time to rally or play sets with your partner.

With that in mind, we designed the RacquetFlex Serve System with compact, yet info-packed lessons and drilling sessions you can practice from home.

All you need is 20-60 minutes of honest, daily practice - to learn the exact insights needed to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

You’ll gain a complete 360-degree view into your serve. 

You’ll know exactly where you’re going wrong. 

And more importantly, what to do to correct your mistakes. 

So you can finally develop a powerful, pin-point precision serve that strikes fear into your opponents - all whilst remaining injury-free.  

Here’s how that looks...

There are 7 modules: 

Here's What Some People Are Saying...

But that's not all... 

Because I’m adding our flagship courses too:

Weak To Winning Forehands

5 in-depth modules that help you develop each key area in your forehand. 

We break down each section of the forehand from your; grip, prep, stance, acceleration and contact. 

After making your way through the course you’ll be able to: 

  • Unlock effortless power in your shots
  • Build maximum racquet head speed
  • Rip your forehands with confidence

And learn the intricate techniques and skills needed to hit a clean, effortless shot.

Home Court Advantage

But you’re also going to get a copy of Home Court Advantage. 

So you’ll be able to not only maintain your level of play but take it to a whole new level - all from the comfort of your own home. 

That’s right - this was our ‘stay at home’ bestseller in 2020 that helped tennis players: 

  • Copy and paste the latest biomechanical fundamentals into their game
  • Progress their drills with speed and confidence
  • Achieve more power and control

... all while utilizing the ball without much space available.

With modules covering;

  • The Mind of Champion
  • The NEO Forehand
  • The Serve Fastlane
  • And The Veterans Volley

You’re literally covered for the next 2 years.

Don't Miss Out On All The Value of This Offer!

If you’re already a member of Weak To Winning Forehands or Home Court Advantage, we’ve got a special surprise for you...

You're going to get the biggest gem of this whole offer.

As part of our Exclusive Loyalty Bonus, you get a free video coaching session accompanying this serve course. 

Here's how that works...

After you enter the RacquetFlex Serve System, simply send over a video recording of your serve. 

Then, in about 48 hours, you'll receive an in-depth analysis of your serve PLUS the personalized training plan you need to maximize the value of this course.

Listen there’s no fluff here. 

This isn’t some ‘throw-together’ bonus section and hope for the best. 

These are our flagship courses with years of knowledge and experience packed into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step visual course. 

With all this bundled together: 

  • RacquetFlex Serve System: $497
  • Weak To Winning Forehands: $97
  • Home Court Advantage: $97

As much as we've supported tennis players through the lock down from doing what we're best at; giving you world-class tennis instructions.

The RacquetFlex Guarantee

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I know… your frontal lobe is working hard right now to find a reason WHY you shouldn’t join. WHY it’s a bad time. WHY this will work for everybody BUT you…

Let me make it easy for you. Let me help that part of your brain relax - by alleviating any possible risk… and leaving no excuse for you to miss out on this unique opportunity that is right in front of you…

Listen, dear frontal lobe,

If your serve isn't completely TRANSFORMED within the next 60 days, just send us an email within 60 days and you'll get your full money back - no questions asked. Pop! The ball is on your court. I'll see you inside the program.

We also wanted to extend our support beyond tennis...

We're Also Donating 50 Meals To Underprivileged Kids For Every Purchase of the RacquetFlex Serve System

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