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I’ve been playing 20-30 years with bad habits. They showed me the precise technique. When I see the precise technique, I can follow it better.



Dan - 3.0 Player


Starting with zero experience in tennis, they were so knowledgable in helping me through the different progressions to get topspin. I had so much fun and they really made me feel like I can actually get good at playing tennis.


Mayra - Beginner


I’ve never felt that freedom to just have that relaxed arm and allow the rest of my body to generate that power. That’s something I never experienced before.



Joseph - 4.0 Player

Hey everyone, Dayday Kay here,

  • And this summer I want to invite you to something special. 
  • I’m gonna show you our step-by-step, proven process to completely transform your tennis game within a matter of weeks.
  • If that’s something you’re looking to achieve as a serious tennis player… then this might just be the most important message you’ve ever heard.
  • We’ve designed a training system that’s completely revolutionized hundreds of tennis players’ games. 
  • Many times, adding 10 to 20 MPH to their serves and forehands within weeks of training. And this all develops the confidence to win tournament after tournament.
  • Here’s how it all works…

Our Proven 3 Step System to Transforming Your Game 

Phase #1, Starts with the game plan. We’ll go through your goals, biggest struggles, and schedule so that every session is designed to transform you into the player you want to be months or even years from now.

Phase #2 is the diagnosis, where we pull out the high-speed cameras and analysis software. And you get a complete breakdown of the leaks of power and control in your strokes down to the smallest details that are impossible to spot with the naked eye.

Phase #3, We’ll go through personally tailored progression drills, which remove the struggle and correct years of bad habits, sometimes seeing results in as little as 2 or 3 sessions.

Why Our Methods Are More Effective: The Power Of Science

  • You’ll be able to ask us your burning questions that YouTube and even many coaches couldn’t answer.
  • And well, we’ll give you answers that are as deep as you’re willing to go…
  • Paired with the advanced demonstrations that we usually reserve for the camera to follow-along to, especially if you’re a visual learner.
  • We’ll use kinesthetic isolation drills to lock in simple movements based on your body’s natural anatomy and progress all the way to live, advanced point play to instantly apply what you learn to your matches.
  • You’ll understand the stroke mechanics that’ll allow you to unlock effortless pop in your strokes all whilst remaining injury-free.
  • You’ll see, hear, and feel the power in your shots.
  • You’ll be hitting shots that jump up on your opponents and leaving them questioning: ‘What the hell just happened?’

Frequently Asked Questions

What our best students have asked before joining...

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Doing The Same Thing Won't Bring Different Results

  • Listen, you could continue as you are. Paying your fees to your local tennis club to play for a few hours a week.
  • And while we certainly love tennis - we’re not just here to ‘play’.
  • We’re here to improve your game. We’re here to ensure that the next time you take to the court you don’t feel inadequate lining up against the best players at your club.
  • But not only that, we want you to feel confident going into your games knowing that you can, actually compete with the very best - and beat them.
  • We want you to hit your games with renewed strength, effort, energy and skill that you completely throw your opponents off-guard.
  • It’ll take work, of course. But anything worth having takes a little bit of work.
  • Getting the very best coaching from the team here at RacquetFlex will take your game to the next level and, it’ll likely raise your social status too.
  • Just like mastering any skill does. The way I see it, it’s like this…

You have 3 options: 

Option #1: Do nothing and continue as you are - you wouldn’t be here if that was a viable option.

Option #2: Go the slow route and gather all the fragmented bits of information online - which could take years to see any real improvement.

Option #3: Schedule a call with us now, and we can discuss the best way forward for your game and then in just a few short weeks see a complete overhaul of your game.

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But hey, you don’t have to take my word for it...

Here's What Our Best Students Are Saying


Don’t Wait! It’s Time To Smash Through Your Tennis Performance Plateau And Get Tournament Ready In A Matter Of Weeks By Developing The EXACT Techniques And Skills Needed To Excel In The Modern Game.

  • Yeah, this is game changing stuff - but only for the first 20 confirmed players.
  • Our capacities for private coaching are obviously highly limited so that we make sure to only take on a new student, if we really think that the program is going to give you a tremendous impact and completely transform your game.
  • You’ll be shaving years of wasted practice and learning the most cutting-edge, elite techniques in the world.
  • We guarantee you a full level upgrade in your tennis within the first 90 days of entering RacquetFlex's VIP program...
  • So if you want to completely transform your game by boosting yourself into the higher-echelon of elite 5.0 tennis players where you’ll be consistently hitting masterful strokes time and time again….
  • Then schedule your free consultation call, where we’ll start with phase #1, the game plan before it’s too late!.

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