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Discover the scientifically proven techniques used by the pros and learn how you can hit with effortless power and massive topspin.

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Our program is 100% risk free because you get a full refund for any reason, no questions asked.  

"The ultimate step by step training guide to get you generating effortless power and massive topspin in 60 days or less."

Inside The Course:

Phase 1 - Power Development  

  • Which muscles you must load for maximum power
  •  How to transfer force into racquet head speed with the ATP style kinetic chain 
  • The keys to punish easy balls every single time 
  • How to handle heavy balls and redirect them powerfully with ease 
  • Much more!  

Phase 2 - Topspin Generation

  • The fastest way to develop a fluid modern forehand wrist and arm action 
  • The #1 drills to fix your habit of hitting flat 
  • The checkpoints for the optimal ATP style backswing 
  • How to stay relaxed to generate more topspin and consistency 
  • Much more!  

Phase 3 - Live Ball

  • The 7 types of topspin shots and follow through variations 
  • Which stance is the best and what footwork patterns to use  
  • The #1 drills and techniques to help you crush high balls 
  • How to generate power and topspin in virtually any situation (inside out, on the run, etc.) 
  • Much more!  


Private Facebook Group With Live Q&A Session With The RF Team ($197 $0.00)

Never get your questions unanswered again. In addition to the PRICELESS feedback you’ll be getting from your peers, I’ll personally be hosting live Q&A’s inside the group on a regular, ongoing basis.

  • Bi-Weekly Q&A Live Video Sessions with me, inside the Facebook Group to make sure you personally get your most pressing questions answered.  
  • Exchange feedback on your forehand technique by uploading recording for others to review 
  • Form valuable connections and discuss about your technique with other aspiring tennis players

Straight Line System ($197 $0.00)

Are you just starting out or have used an WTA style or classic forehand technique and now want to develop an ATP style forehand? This proven system is the fastest way and ultimate starter’s kit to develop a modern ATP style forehand foundation that includes: 

  • The scientifically backed techniques that make up the modern ATP style forehand
  • The visual checkpoints you need to that will guarantee you a consistent forehand
  • Proven drills that will hack your forehand development and out improve all your competition

 Bonus Module [LIMITED TIME ONLY!]:


  • Master the other half of the forehand to turn your forehand into a weapon.
  • Learn the big 3 steps to timing your shots.
  • Increase your shot percentage and confidence.
  • The best-compiled drills to help you never mishit another shot.

What You're Getting Today:

  • Full Weak To Winning Forehands Program ($1,000 Value)
  • Forehand Timing Mastery Bonus ($497)
  • Private Weak To Winning Facebook Group ($97 Value)
  • Weekly Live Q&A's ($197 Value)
  • The Straight Line System ($497 Value)


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Our program is 100% risk free because you get a full refund for any reason, no questions asked.  

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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Yes! I Want A Massive Forehand!

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